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“Sommercalmo Collection”


Dimensions: H: 500mm W: 120mm on average

Contact the artist direct or Vessel Gallery, London regarding pricing and availability

“The Strongest Links”


Dimensions: H: 260mm W: 190mm

On show in the British Glass Biennale 2015  28 May ~ 28 June – see News & Events

“Ooz Going To Dudley Zoo”


Dimensions: H: 210mm W: 170mm

On show in the British Glass Biennale 2015  28 May ~ 28 June – see News & Events

“On The Fiddle”


Dimensions: H: 240mm W: 180mm

On show in REFRACT exhibition – International Glass Design.
Waterford The Glass City celebrating Glass in Waterford for the Year of Design in Ireland 28 May ~19 September 2015

“Tonight At Noon”


Dimensions: H: 250mm W: 200mm

“A Great Finish”


Dimensions: H: 160mm W: 180mm

“Red Hot and Blue”


Dimensions: H: 200mm W: 100mm

“Atlantic Pilchards XIII”

Atlantic Pilchards XIII (1)Atlantic Pilchards XIII (2)Atlantic Pilchards XIII (3)Atlantic Pilchards XIII (4)

Dimensions: H: 350mm W: 150mm

“Campbells Soup”

Campbells Soup (1)Campbells Soup (2)Campbells Soup (3)Campbells Soup (4)

Dimensions: H: 300mm W: 140mm

“Red Lobster and Blue Fruits”

Red Lobster and Blue Fruits (1)Red Lobster and Blue Fruits (2)Red Lobster and Blue Fruits (3)Red Lobster and Blue Fruits (4)

Dimensions: H: 160mm W: 160mm

“Tuscan Dreamscape”

Tuscan Dreamscape (1)Tuscan Dreamscape (1)Tuscan Dreamscape (3)Tuscan Dreamscape (4)

Dimensions: H:250mm W: 190mm

“Step Right Up Folks”

Step Right Up Folks (1)Step Right Up Folks (2)Step Right Up Folks (3)Step Right Up Folks (4)

Dimensions: H: 150mm W: 130mm

“Vin Cool Cat”

Vin Cool Cat1Vin Cool Cat2Vin Cool Cat3

Dimensions: H: 260mm W: 190mm

“Red Snapper”

Red Snapper1Red Snapper2Red Snapper3Red Snapper4

Dimensions: H: 300mm W: 110mm

“Coffee Time II”

Coffee Time II1Coffee Time II2Coffee Time II3Coffee Time II4

Dimensions: H: 290mm W: 180mm

“Cool But Hot XXXIII”

Cool But Hot XXXIII1Cool But Hot XXXIII2Cool But Hot XXXIII3Cool But Hot XXXIII4

Dimensions: H: 290mm W: 170mm

“Cool But Hot XXVI”

Cool But Hot XXVI1Cool But Hot XXVI2Cool But Hot XXVI3Cool But Hiot XVI4

Dimensions: H: 290mm W: 120mm

“Dolphin Friendly Tuna II”

Dolphin Friendly Tuna II1Dolphin Friendly Tuna II2Dolphin Friendly Tuna II3Dolphin Friendly Tuna II4

Dimensions: H: 320mm W: 120mm

“Mackerel Fillets II”

Mackerel Fillets II1Mackerel Fillets II2Mackerel Fillets II3Mackerel Fillets II4

Dimensions: H: 130mm W: 140mm

“Atlantic Pilchards X”

Atlantic Pilchards X1Atlantic Pilchards X2Atlantic Pilchards X3Atlantic Pilchards X4

Dimensions: H: 370mm W: 140mm

“So Cool This Cat”

So Cool This Cat1So Cool This Cat2So Cool This Cat3So Cool This Cat4

Dimensions: H: 360mm W: 150mm

“Too Big For The Pot”

Too Big For The Pot1Too Big For The Pot2Too Big For The Pot3Too Big For The Pot4

Dimensions: H: 240mm W: 180mm

“Tuscan Landscape IX”

Tuscan Landscape IX1Tuscan Landscape IX2Tuscan landscape IX3Tuscan Landscape IX4

Dimensions: H: 180mm W: 130mm

“Koi III”

Koi III1Koi III2Koi III3Koi III4

Dimensions: H: 230mm W: 200mm

“7 O’Clock Rock”

7 O'Clock Rock17 O'Clock Rock27 O'Clock Rock37 O'Clock Rock4

Dimensions: H: 120mm W: 120mm

“Indian Elephants II”

Indian Elephants II1Indian Elephants II2Indian Elephants II3Indian elephants II4

Dimensions: H: 120mm W: 120mm

“Can Two Talk”

Can two Talk1Can Two Talk2Can Two Talk3Can Two Talk4

Dimensions: H: 180mm W: 180mm

 “Pilchardus Atlanticus I”

Pilchardus Atlanticus I1Pilchardus Atlanticus I1Pilchardus Atlanticus I3Pilchardus Atlanticus I4

Dimensions: H: 190mm W: 190mm

“Cool But Hot XIX”

Cool But Hot XIX1Cool But Hot XIX2Cool But HotXIX3Cool But Hot XIX4

Dimensions: H: 380mm W: 120mm



Dimensions: H: 340mm W: 120mm